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Potatoes Believe in Climate Change

I just checked the 10 day forecast – rain, thunderstorms, partly cloudy skies, then more rain.  About the only spring/summer annual vegetables that are really enjoying this weather are the potatoes, which around these parts are planted in early early … Continue reading

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Busy Bees

Bees are busy working the lavender this morning.  Some days, there are a dozen varieties of insect nectar-seekers on this bush – European honey bees, native California bees, moths and butterflies – but this morning just the one.  I wish … Continue reading

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Going Non-native

Walking the property this evening, looking at the forest and planning in my head, I noticed a few new instances of Cutleaf blackberry (Rubus laciniatus), which is non-native, bears delicious fruit, and doesn’t bother me all that much (though I’m … Continue reading

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Summoning Spring

Another cold, cloudy morning, and rain and snow possible for this weekend.  Spring seems to be shy this year, but the promise of bright peppers gives me hope that things will someday warm up.  This is a picture of peppers … Continue reading

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Gardening in the Dark (Minus the Bear)

Raise your hand if you’ve ever wandered your garden or even checked on your plants at night, with a flashlight.  That’s what I thought.  It’s 47 degrees F and clear tonight, and having been at work all day, I missed … Continue reading

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Food Forest Cloning

Michael Pollan, in the documentary film The Botany of Desire (perhaps also in the book?), calls cannabis growers “the best gardeners of my generation.”  Indeed, when I set out to research building a DIY cloning system to populate my food … Continue reading

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The Food Forest Concept

I’m in the early stages of a long-term food forest garden project on my property, starting with a wooded area adjacent to the garden proper.  Forest gardening is a system that involves planting communities of food plants to exploit various … Continue reading

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Bolivian Sunroot

In addition to the standard spring and summer vegetables, I like to grow things that are a little bit more unusual – Bolivian sunroot, or yacón, for example.  It’s a perennial from the Andes, and I ordered my original crown … Continue reading

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Annuity Crops

Perennials are an investment.  That is, you put them in the ground, and then sooner or later – two, three, five, ten years down the line – you hope to have fruit or flowers.  So it is with many plants … Continue reading

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Snow in the Shade, Late May

In this part of the world, folks plant out their spring and summer vegetables on Mother’s Day.  For the past two seasons, Mother’s day was followed by at least two weeks of cool, wet weather, making the tomatoes happy on … Continue reading

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