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Potato Manatee

This little fellow emerged from the garden this morning.  It’s a potato of some kind – I keep terrible garden records – and I harvested a fair amount of its brethren, to be offered up to the gods of potato … Continue reading

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Citizens of the Food Forest

I’ve been working on selecting plants to fill out the various levels in the food forest.  I’m basing my selections on the following criteria: Prior history of local success.  That is, do the plants succeed in the garden proper, or … Continue reading

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Maybe This Year, a Pomegranate

Two flowers so far this year, and perhaps one will grow up to become an actual fruit?  The plant has been in the ground for three or four years, and it sort of fruited last year, producing a few flowers … Continue reading

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Harvest – Blueberries, Garlic and Eggplant

Back in the garden after a week in Glacier National Park in Montana.  Lots of interesting plants in Montana, including bear grass, lanceleaf stonecrop, a native succulent, and Rosa woodsii, a wild rose similar to the California wild roses that … Continue reading

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Now THAT’S a Rattlesnake

This handsome creature was curled up down by the mailboxes at the end of the road.  First one I’ve seen anywhere on my road or the immediate vicinity in all the years I’ve lived here.  Perhaps two feet long, and … Continue reading

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A Few Flowers

It’s finally hot, and the potatoes have begun to flower.  They’ll eventually produce small fruits full of seeds.  Though the resulting seeds could probably be planted (though I’ve never tried), potatoes are typically planted from “seed potatoes,” which aren’t seeds … Continue reading

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