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Just a Metallic Beetle


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The Fox Returns

This time she – I think it’s a she – hung around for about 20 minutes, then left, to return again at 4 AM or so.

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Subtle Progress

Last weekend, I presented on forest gardening at the tiny library in town. I’ve presented a few times on the topic, and at the conclusion of the presentation, the thought occurred to me that my food forest is largely in … Continue reading

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All These Flying Things…

…and a few more that wouldn’t sit still for the camera. One of my favorite things to do is to observe all of the representatives of Kingdom Animalia – the insects and reptiles and birds and amphibians and small (and … Continue reading

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Like a Broken Record…

Garlic scapes!  This handful is the second harvest.  I could go on and on about garlic scapes, but I’ve already done so here and here. Today I planted a bunch of things out in the food forest, including grapes, an … Continue reading

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I <3 Fava Beans

Fava beans (Vicia faba) are a treat in late spring and early summer. They require a fair amount of processing compared to other peas and beans, as they must first be freed from their pods, then blanched so that the … Continue reading

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