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Flowers Known and Unknown

I love volunteers in the garden.  This year, as always, sunflowers are appearing all over the place, though perhaps in smaller numbers than in previous years.  Years ago I planted all sorts, orange and red, small and large, and over … Continue reading

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Huge Blueberries

Many years ago – maybe 8? – I planted blueberries, lingonberries, huckleberries and cranberries (all members of the genus Vaccinium) in a patch perhaps 15 feet by 9 or so feet.  I’ve written about them here and here.  These being … Continue reading

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Walnut Fortress

Back in spring, as part of my quest to plant protein, I planted a bareroot walnut out in a part of the forest where its habit of killing most things beneath it – walnuts are allelopathic, meaning that they produce … Continue reading

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