An Embarrassment of Acorns

After many years – five, maybe six? – the drought is officially over. The big live oak adjacent to the garden put forth an unprecedented number of acorns this year.

A Good Year for Acorns

With the near constant rain and warm temperatures, thousand of the acorns have germinated.

So Many Radicles

I decided to pot up about two dozen for later planting down on the property. In case you’re wondering, the sprouted acorns are no less miserably bitter and tannin-filled than their ungerminated brethren.  One day I hope to gather and grind some, but this year, I’ve decided to try and propagate.

24 Potential Oaks

I gathered up a wheelbarrow full, and walked the property, throwing them here and there in the hope that they’ll fill in where trees have been taken down. Given the overall warming/drying trend, the pines and cedars are giving way to the live oaks anyhow, so I’m hoping that at least some will take, and in 100 years or so, there might be an oak woodland here.


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