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Banking Rainwater

Over the summer, I set up a 1500 gallon tank, fed by the roof over the greenhouse.  Just checked the level, and  as of now it’s full of 1500 gallons of pure rainwater!

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A Seed Library, Andean Vegetables, and How To Fold a Seed Bindle

At Bootjack Garden, a fantastic blog about a garden not so far from my own (~146 miles south and east, near Yosemite), Katie recently posted about the idea of seed libraries, and I was immediately inspired to see about getting … Continue reading

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What Comes Around Goes Around

Literally and figuratively. Have a look at this beauty.  The problem with most compost tumblers is that they just aren’t big enough.  That is, they don’t hold enough compost to really hit the sweet spot, the critical mass that gets … Continue reading

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Adventures in Biochar – Part II

It worked! I ran into significant challenges specifically related to the design of my retort (as detailed here), but when I opened the barrel last night (in the dark, with a flashlight), I was greeted by a barrel full of … Continue reading

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Adventures in Biochar – Part I

Saturday last I drove into town to try to procure two 30 gallon metal barrels for my biochar retort kiln project.  I had in mind a two-barrel system similar to this one only larger, with a 30-gallon drum nestled inside … Continue reading

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