Communal Blueberry Cuttings


Spent some time this afternoon pruning and puttering and watering (!) in the garden this afternoon.  After thinning out the blueberries, I selected 30+ cuttings and potted them up in these communal pots.  In the spring, once they (hopefully) show growth – blueberries root fairly readily from cuttings, at least in my garden – I’ll tease them apart and pot them up individually in 1 gallon pots, and then plant them out in the fourth food forest plot the following spring.  The snow from a few weeks ago is long gone, and it’s been very dry and relatively warm since.  Crossing my fingers that the light rain in the forecast will arrive in the next couple of days…

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  1. I haven’t tried taking dormant cuttings, but cuttings I took in spring rooted quite easily in zip-lock covered pots on my counter top a couple of years ago. Sure beats buying plants!

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