Shallot Harvest

I love shallots, and their relatives – garlic, onions, leeks and elephant garlic – and this year’s harvest was the best I’ve had. I pulled the garlic a week or two ago, saving the best twenty heads (5 cloves each), for planting in October. The balance, perhaps 80 heads or so, make wonderful eating, and will probably be gone by December.


As for the shallots, for each cluster, I’ll save one (the biggest) for planting in the garden proper, one (the smallest) for planting out in the food forest, and the rest for eating. Shallot tops make great green onions, and I’m planning to grill some up this very evening!

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2 Responses to Shallot Harvest

  1. Keira says:

    No garden harvest this year for me but have discovered the woods are full of a “wild leek”. A neighbour tells me they were originally planted by the Chinese building the railroad.

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