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Elephant Garlic Escape Pod

Lots going on in the garden these days…  Where to begin?  The elephant garlic – Allium ampeloprasum var. ampeloprasum, botanically more leek than garlic – is ready for harvest.  It produces one or more fat, flavorful cloves, some of which … Continue reading

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Allium Update

A warm spring day, and all of the various Allium species are soaking up the sun.  Pictured here are shallots (you can see their baby picture here), and they seem  to be happy.  Some of these I saved from last … Continue reading

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DIY Multi-dibble

I’m fascinated by the range of tools created by humans to make certain jobs easier.  This beautiful gallery of Antique Farm Tools from England, Scotland and Wales includes such specialty implements as turnip hooks, beet knives, and various dibbers (also … Continue reading

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