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Friendly Neighbor with Horses and a Front Loader = Sweet Pile of Manure

My neighbor, a horse owner and all-around nice guy, recently acquired one of those sweet Kubota tractors with the front loader attachment.  I spent part of the afternoon over in his horse yard, loading up the truck with lots of … Continue reading

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Fox in the Compost or The Secret Life of the Garden

A friend of mine – Jason Pittman (Professor of Geosciences and co-conspirator in the http://dolookdown.org project) let me borrow one of those automatic trail cameras, and I set it up near the compost pile, hoping to catch a picture or … Continue reading

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Biochar Compost FTW

Back in October, I wrote this and this about the process of making biochar.  This weekend, I put the finished product to use!  Backing up a step…after crushing the charcoal and soaking it thoroughly, I mixed it with compost and … Continue reading

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What Comes Around Goes Around

Literally and figuratively. Have a look at this beauty.  The problem with most compost tumblers is that they just aren’t big enough.  That is, they don’t hold enough compost to really hit the sweet spot, the critical mass that gets … Continue reading

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“How about not doing that?” A Lesson from Fukuoka

To the north of the garden proper and the food forest is a nearly pure stand of Pacific Madrone (Arbutus menzeisii)  Very little sunlight reaches the ground here, and the forest floor is piled high with generations of madrone leaves, … Continue reading

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