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Fox in the Compost or The Secret Life of the Garden

A friend of mine – Jason Pittman (Professor of Geosciences and co-conspirator in the http://dolookdown.org project) let me borrow one of those automatic trail cameras, and I set it up near the compost pile, hoping to catch a picture or … Continue reading

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Nelson’s Hairstreak

This particular plant is covered with these beauties.  I gave identification a shot, but realized quickly that I’m not very good at butterfly ID, so I wrote to fellow MG Kathy, who is a butterfly enthusiast and expert.  She identified … Continue reading

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Substantial Gopher Snake

I’ve been walking barefoot to the mailbox every day, a ‘summer feet’ development effort. Today, I encountered a big ol’ Pacific Gopher Snake, Pituophis catenifer.  I initially thought it was a small rattlesnake, but upon closer inspection, it didn’t have … Continue reading

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