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Feed Your Soil, Not Your Plants: Cover Croppin’

Cover cropping is, in my view, one of the best things you can do for your soil, and one of the easiest. Here’s how it works: You plant some seeds – I usually use a mix of legumes (vetch, bell … Continue reading

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Hügelkultur Fruit Tree Mound

In a previous post, I described preparing a future planting site by burying horse food.  This weekend, I created an actual, official hügelkultur mound, using a big old rotten log, as well as two other mounds, one filled with forest … Continue reading

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Hügelkultur for the Older Horse

I’ve been reading up on hügelkultur, which is the process of creating raised beds over decaying wood.  As the wood breaks down, it provides warmth, and increases the water holding capacity of the soil.  There’s no shortage of decaying wood … Continue reading

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