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Jerusalem Artichokes – Neither from Jerusalem, nor Artichokes

Jerusalem artichokes (Helianthus tuberosus), also called sunchokes, grow really well in my garden, and I’ve planted some in the food forest as well. I’ve grown them for a number of years – they don’t require much care, just a sunny … Continue reading

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Elderberries and Acid

Sulfuric acid, that is. I collected a pint glass full of Sambucus cerulea berries the from a big old bush on the side of the road a couple of days ago, and this evening I processed them to extract the … Continue reading

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Just Look at this Tiny Rose!

As previously mentioned, there are lots of these little native California wild roses around the place, and they produce wonderful little flowers.  This particular one grows in the vaccinium patch in pretty heavy shade, and during the summer (which hasn’t … Continue reading

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Going Non-native

Walking the property this evening, looking at the forest and planning in my head, I noticed a few new instances of Cutleaf blackberry (Rubus laciniatus), which is non-native, bears delicious fruit, and doesn’t bother me all that much (though I’m … Continue reading

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