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Native Plot, Planted

Spent the day in the garden proper, and finally fixed the fencing that the bear wrecked back in 2012, after which I planted out the natives in the new native food forest plot. I had originally planned to erect a … Continue reading

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Winter Chores

Compared to the last week, temperatures today were rather warm, so I spent some time doing winter chores in the garden. Performed some grape and blueberry pruning, potted up some cuttings, and mulched here and there. Decided also to transplant … Continue reading

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I started gardening seriously out of a desire to try new fruits and vegetables, especially those that are not readily available in the produce section or at the farmers market.  One plant I’ve been eager to try is the American … Continue reading

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Signs of Spring, Golden Currants and a DIY Greenhouse

Spent the whole day in the garden, puttering, pruning, and propagating. The rhubarb is waking up, another sign that spring is here, and the Nanking cherries I planted last year are blooming – pictured below is the one planted in … Continue reading

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Blue Honeysuckle and Red Currants

Good news – the Lonicera caerulea cuttings I acquired last spring are showing signs of life, and I think that both (zarnitsa and blue velvet) will be ready for planting out in the food forest in the spring. In other … Continue reading

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Rapini and Other Flowers

A few days of warm weather, and most everything that can bloom is blooming.  Pictured here is rapini, and the rest of the October-planted fall/winter vegetables – broccoli, mustards, collards, cabbage – are throwing flowers like crazy as well.  They’re … Continue reading

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Andean Vegetables

The first frost arrived a couple of weeks ago, damaging the leaves of the Bolivian sunroot (also called yacón) – no surprise there.  I’ve grown this plant for years – I like the tubers, which have a subtle flavor that … Continue reading

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The Great Rhubarb Divide

I’m especially fond of plants that are easily propagated, either by seed or division or cuttings.  Rhubarb (Rheum x hybridum) is just such a plant, and one of my fall chores – not every fall, mind you, but every 3 … Continue reading

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Citizens of the Food Forest

I’ve been working on selecting plants to fill out the various levels in the food forest.  I’m basing my selections on the following criteria: Prior history of local success.  That is, do the plants succeed in the garden proper, or … Continue reading

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Ridiculous Abundance

Gardening is about cycles and rhythms.  Last year, the blueberries took the year off, producing basically half of what they do in a good year.  This year, on the other hand, the bushes are outdoing themselves.  Ridiculous abundance.  These will … Continue reading

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