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Shallot Harvest

I love shallots, and their relatives – garlic, onions, leeks and elephant garlic – and this year’s harvest was the best I’ve had. I pulled the garlic a week or two ago, saving the best twenty heads (5 cloves each), … Continue reading

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Putting the Annual Garden to Bed

The weather is changing quickly here, with relatively heavy, early rains yesterday and today.  Spent the weekend harvesting the last of the summer crops, putting the garden to bed, and planting the last of the fall/winter vegetables.  Pulled the soaker … Continue reading

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Allium Update

A warm spring day, and all of the various Allium species are soaking up the sun.  Pictured here are shallots (you can see their baby picture here), and they seem  to be happy.  Some of these I saved from last … Continue reading

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Alliums, And Lots Of ‘Em

Some of my favorite food plants are in the genus Allium.  Garlic is one of my favorite garden plants (read about it here, here, here, here and here), and I have it in the garden proper and the food forest. … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Of Butterflies and Bulbils

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a picture of a beautiful butterfly sitting upon shallot bulbils.  Fellow El Dorado County MG and butterfly expert Kathy got back to me with the ID, and the winner is….. Mylitta Crescent (Phyciodes … Continue reading

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Of Butterflies and Bulbils

Instead of making seeds, shallots, like some other Alliums, produce bulbils – essentially tiny little shallots – at the end of their flower stalks.  The heavy cluster of bulbils at the end of the long flower stalk will eventually fall … Continue reading

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