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Summer So Far: Fire, Raised Beds and Potatoes

I’ll start with the fire. The Trailhead Fire continues to burn, with lots of choking smoke starting usually around 11 PM and continuing through morning, although it’s looking like it will skip torching my house (fingers crossed).  This fire is … Continue reading

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Constantinople Quince!

I traveled to the Sierra Seed Cooperative’s seed exchange to pick up the Constantinople Quince I bought from the Felix Gillet Institute.  It’s a nice tree – well rooted, lively and healthy.  I put it in the ground in the … Continue reading

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Huge Blueberries

Many years ago – maybe 8? – I planted blueberries, lingonberries, huckleberries and cranberries (all members of the genus Vaccinium) in a patch perhaps 15 feet by 9 or so feet.  I’ve written about them here and here.  These being … Continue reading

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Biochar Compost FTW

Back in October, I wrote this and this about the process of making biochar.  This weekend, I put the finished product to use!  Backing up a step…after crushing the charcoal and soaking it thoroughly, I mixed it with compost and … Continue reading

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Always Be Propagating

Every weekday morning, before heading down the hill to work, I spend 15 or 20 minutes in the greenhouse, staring at the cuttings and seedlings. After this morning’s greenhouse session, I’m happy to report that the tomato seedlings are growing … Continue reading

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