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A Seed Library, Andean Vegetables, and How To Fold a Seed Bindle

At Bootjack Garden, a fantastic blog about a garden not so far from my own (~146 miles south and east, near Yosemite), Katie recently posted about the idea of seed libraries, and I was immediately inspired to see about getting … Continue reading

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Andean Vegetables

The first frost arrived a couple of weeks ago, damaging the leaves of the Bolivian sunroot (also called yacón) – no surprise there.  I’ve grown this plant for years – I like the tubers, which have a subtle flavor that … Continue reading

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Jerusalem Artichokes – Neither from Jerusalem, nor Artichokes

Jerusalem artichokes (Helianthus tuberosus), also called sunchokes, grow really well in my garden, and I’ve planted some in the food forest as well. I’ve grown them for a number of years – they don’t require much care, just a sunny … Continue reading

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Bolivian Sunroot

In addition to the standard spring and summer vegetables, I like to grow things that are a little bit more unusual – Bolivian sunroot, or yacón, for example.  It’s a perennial from the Andes, and I ordered my original crown … Continue reading

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