Five Figs and Five Hibaku Seedlings

Spent part of the day taking down the summer garden, and preparing rows for this year’s garlic, shallots and leeks, while gathering and snacking on stray fruits and vegetables – a few tomatoes here, a tomatillo there, a bit of a cucumber, and these figs:


I plan to broil them on toast, topped with some delicious cheese.  The pomegranate tree really put in a good effort this season, producing three or four market-sized fruits.  I’ve got about a dozen other pomegranates around, some in the first and second food forest plots, some in the garden proper.  In six or seven years I hope to be bathing daily in pomegranate juice.

In other news, all five of the hibaku (A-bombed trees – you can read about them here) seedlings lived through the summer.  Three are hackberry, two gingko, and all will eventually be planted out in the forest.


Fall really arrived in a definitive way this year, and so I’m hurrying to get all of the end-of-season chores done before the weather turns wet and cold.  Steve the chimney sweep is quite sure that this will be an epic winter, and I have no reason to doubt him!

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3 Responses to Five Figs and Five Hibaku Seedlings

  1. Katie says:

    Hi Zack!
    A happy Fall to you. We two are in the same mode as usual. I’ll be cleaning and packaging seed in the next few weeks. Happy to send more for your little library. As for Winter, bring it!

    • zack says:

      Hi! I’m with you as far as wishing for winter. I might have a few things for you too – I collected some seeds from some wild – escaped, rather, and originally from historic Chinese gardens, it turns out – perennial kale that you might like. Thanks for all the support – I’m working on a seed library for the El Dorado County Master Gardeners as well, and was contacted today by Francesca from the Monterey Public Library – did she get in touch with you as well?

      • katie says:

        Yes, I think she did. It looks like she has quite a network going with conferences and everything. My job is separate from my seed saving hobby, however, and I’m not much of a joiner. You should check it out if you have the time. It might be a nice source of seed for your two libraries. I’m happy about our second annual seed swap!

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