Seed Stories

Seed Story the First
I’ve been following the Bootjack Garden blog for a while, and this post about the making of a seed library inspired me to start one at the college. A generous interlibrary loan from Kate’s seed library arrived in the mail the other day, full of wonderful and beautiful seeds!


Seed Story the Second
My dear friend Jason Toal (@draggin), a skilled gardener, blogged recently about some sunflowers he had grown from seeds provided by Harry, the son of friends Brian and Keira, who’s Vancouver BC garden (and gentle prodding) inspired me to create this very blog nearly two years ago.¬† Jason offered to send seeds to the first five commenters on the post, and my seeds arrived Monday!


With any luck, the sunflowers will grow, and I’ll be able to pay them forward, including sending some to the Mariposa County Seed Library.

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6 Responses to Seed Stories

  1. Katie says:

    Hi Zack!
    I’d be so happy to get some of Harry’s seeds. Precious.

    • zack says:

      I can’t remember if I put any in the package I sent to the library, but if not, I’ll totally send you some!

  2. Becky Sansoni says:

    so are there still seeds available?

    • zack says:

      Come on down to the college and browse the library, or if you see something on the seed list you like, I’ll bindle it up and get it to you somehow.

    • zack says:

      Or if you meant Harry’s sunflowers, I can get you some of those as well.

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