The other day, I borrowed one of those automatic infrared trail cameras in an effort to capture a photo of the bear. I set it up out in the clear cut, thinking the bear would once again go for the compost pile, and was excited the next morning when the camera reported 6 photos! I grabbed the memory card and brought it inside, and was disappointed to find six pictures of myself fussing over and setting up the camera.  Another day, perhaps.

In other fauna news, have a look at this beautiful serpent.  Based on the descriptions I’ve read, I think it’s either a California Kingsnake, a California Mountain Kingsnake, or else a cross between the two.  I locked the dogs in the house – Luna, it turns out, is something of a hunter, and she caught a mole and a bird yesterday – and the snake wandered on.  My hope is that it hangs around, filling its belly with meadow voles, ground squirrels, or even rattlesnakes.

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  1. james says:

    That is indeed a CA mountain kingsnake, and great pest control. I’ll be passing through el dorado co. on my way to tahoe and would love to photo some snakes. Can you give me any pointers/leads as to where you found this gorgeous animal? feel free to email me THANKS!

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