Winter – You’re Doing it Wrong

Despite some early snow, this has been one of the driest winters in memory, and warm besides.  What this probably means in my garden is that fruit yields will be considerably down this year.  Lots of things are starting to bud – the almond, nectarine and peach trees, the Felix Gillet quince, and the Lonicera caerulea (pictured above) – and though you wouldn’t know it from walking outside, I’m pretty sure that at some point – probably mid February – there will once again be freezing temperatures and probably snow as well, spoiling the flowers that are beginning to emerge.

This early-flowers-getting-ruined cycle happens fairly regularly, but never have I seen the plum tree in full flower in late January:

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4 Responses to Winter – You’re Doing it Wrong

  1. katie says:

    Dang! That is too bad about your plum tree. Hopefully your other trees will exercise a little more self control.

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